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Child support cases often become stressful because parents do not understand how child support payments are calculated. Our attorneys will work with you to help you understand the factors that affect the amount of the child support payments.  We will make sure that non-custodial parents are not paying too much or too little. We will also make sure the children involved in the case receive appropriate financial support and continue to enjoy the standard of living they enjoyed before your divorce. 


Being charged with a crime can be a very stressful and potentially life-altering experience. We understand the impact a criminal charge can have. A criminal conviction can have a long-lasting, or even permanent, effect in your ability to get a job, go to school, obtain professional licensing and even apply for housing.  We handle every criminal case with zealous advocacy because we know how important your future is. 


Our goal is to ensure that the the day to day life of the children involved is not compromised as a result of the divorce. Our focus in all child custody cases is to serve the best interests of the children while helping the separating or divorcing parent to obtain the best child custody outcome.


A divorce is one of the most overwhelming and emotionally draining experiences one can go through in life. If you and your spouse has decided to go your separate ways, there is a lot that needs to be resolved, especially if you have children and considerable assets to divide. We can help you work through your issues and find effective solutions.


We take our responsibility to provide legal counsel for juvenile crime law very seriously. As lawyers who care about the well-being of our clients, we are aware that the results of this case will affect you or your child for many years to come, perhaps even throughout your entire lifetime. With so much hanging in the balance, you can’t afford to take chances. We can provide the legal counsel you need to keep your bases covered and your child’s rights safeguarded.

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